Mortgage Investment Resources

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Issues of planning have been creating a devastating effect on an individual as well as country if not done accurately. Scholars contend nothing has been strange in hearing about financial planning in all aspect of activities that tend to require money for Mortgage investments at In essence, a financial plan entails a comprehensive evaluation of the present as well as future financial status of an investor. Predicting the future financial status of encompass different variables like cash flows, withdrawal plans and values of the assets that an investor might be having. Most of the investor’s always employ their financial advisers who would have the task of identifying the current worth, tax liabilities and as well as other factors pertaining efficient planning. Financial goals of a person is in conjunction with the wants in the list of priority of a person. At the bottom of the pyramid, signifying the most basic ones are the biological and physiological needs.

These are needs such as air, sleep, food, drink, sex and any other similar needs, which ensure one’s survival. In marketing, companies would take advantage of these human needs by striving to offer social security benefits and abuse help-lines. The next level of needs encompasses safety needs, which embrace security in the environment, order, law, employment and public resources. Marketing would prevail by offering home security products and insurance covers, which ensure human psychological tranquility. The third level of needs is belongingness and love needs. These imply the need for friends, intimacy, trust and affection therefore; clubs and membership societies would be a great offer from marketers.

Next, there are esteem needs that indicate independence, achievement status and respect. Organizations at would leverage these needs through provision of fancy products such as fashion and lifestyle products as well as expensive cars. The top of the hierarchy of needs is self-actualization that means attaining one’s potential including personal growth and opening universities would be a viable option.

Net worth of person would dictate what this kind of a person could purchase in the market or rather what he can despite to be having and at what time. The perspective that marketing merely reflects the societal needs and wants has its inherent truths related to net worth earning of person. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is indications that varieties of needs already exist, which include self-actualization, esteem, social, safety in addition to physiological needs. In realization of these needs, then it is apparent that customers have needs on the next level that they need to fulfill after fulfilling the previous ones. For example, after fulfilling the physiological needs, one will go ahead to focus on their safety needs. Similarly, all human beings have the same physiological needs since they are what human beings need for survival. In this case, marketers would be merely dealing with existing needs hence implying that marketing reflects the needs and wants in the society.

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